5th Western Hemisphere Shorebird Group Meeting




In February 2006, shorebird biologists decided to form the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Group (WHSG) during the 1st Shorebird Science in the Western Hemisphere Meeting in Boulder, Colorado. This new and exciting group represents the first time biologists have tried to study shorebirds in a comprehensive fashion from their breeding grounds in the Arctic to their wintering grounds in South America. Over 100 professionals and 70 students from ten countries in the Western Hemisphere participated in the first meeting. The Vth Western Hemisphere Shorebird Group meeting will be held at Santa Marta, Colombia, between the 17 and 21 of September 2013. This meeting is held every two years somewhere in the Western Hemisphere; prior meetings have been in Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, and the United States. The primary goal of the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Group meeting is to have biologists come together to share information on shorebirds that will help to promote their conservation and management. Because shorebirds migrate extremely long distances, traveling from the Arctic to tropical areas like Colombia, it is essential that conservation and management be conducted throughout a species annual cycle and range. Thus our meetings include biologists from virtually every country within the Western Hemisphere. We will have scheduled four days of exciting plenary speaker talks, contributed paper sessions, symposia, social events and field trips. Plenary talks will take place each morning, followed by morning and afternoon contributed paper sessions. Travel awards will be offered to graduate students in North, Central and South America to attend the meeting and workshops. Professionals in Latin America will also be able to apply for travel support. We are very happy to welcome all shorebirdologists to Santa Marta, Colombia for the Vth meeting of the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Group.


Oral and Poster Presentation Abstracts were received on May 31, 2013. If you want to submit an abstract after deadline please contact Guillermo Fernández (





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Registration fees


Early bird registration before 30 June USD $230
Regular registration after 30 June USD $280
Student or other with limited external support (all dates) USD $150


You can only register online and pre-registration is also available. Confirmation of the official registration will only take place after having received the full payment of the meeting fees.


Travel Tips / Santa Marta

The purpose of the meeting is to

* Bring together biologists studying breeding, staging and wintering shorebirds throughout the Western Hemisphere in one location

* Promote information sharing on methodologies and study design among biologists working on different shorebird species

* Promote range-wide studies of shorebirds by fostering collaborations among biologists interested in particular species

* Integrate science into the implementation of various shorebird conservation plans

* Generate enthusiasm among the shorebird community to conduct additional studies of shorebirds in the future.