Press the Colombian Association of Ornithology – ACO – the Minister of the Environment

The Colombian Association of Ornithology – ACO - after analyze the draft decree “By regulating the scientific collecting permit from the Colombian wild biodiversity, scientific research purposes noncommercial” sent a letter stating the grounds for objection and requesting the withdrawal of the draft decree to the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development last Frank Pearl 24 May.

The letter highlights how worrying lack of awareness of the nature of scientific collection, collected specimens and their use in research, of the goals and mission of the insitu who collect scientific specimens and responsibilities of universities and museums that store and maintain. In addition to other arguments lead to the conclusion that the decree in its current version instead of promoting the production of knowledge for sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity, what is preventing.

Calidris Association identifies with the view expressed in that letter and therefore this supported, invites similarly organizations, groups and individuals who support the ACO position send your releases to e: ornitologiacolombiana @ yahoo.with.

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